Gold Backgrounds

It is unsurprising that we spend more and more time on the computer, working, research, gaming, online shopping, taking courses, facilitating meetings, etc. So why not use a gold, elegant and shiny screen background to show a little personality. With this seemingly small gesture, your computer takes on a new life, a luxurious one.

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Golden backgrounds are excellent for those who work professionally in graphic design and webdesign. A gold background, whether on a business card, a brochure or even a birthday card, offers an image of wealth and confidence. It also captures the eye with a bit of flair and conveys a sense of strong individualism when done right.

As for a website, as soon as the page opens in the browser, gold can add richness and warmth. At last tally noone is indifferent to gold, it certainly leaves an impression. When paired with black or used as an accent, it can generate tremendous impact and enhance the visual. A gold background framed in black, or with elements of gold strewn through-out an image can lead the eye and provide a catchy backdrop to stand out of the crowd.

Gold is the color of success, achievement and triumph in many cultures and countries. Gold backgrounds are also associated with abundance and prosperity, luxury, quality, prestige and sophistication (albeit be careful not to overdo this!). The color and texture of gold can also convey value and elegance, with the psychology of this color implying affluence, material wealth and extravagance.

Properties Attributed and the Potential Effects of Gold

Enlightenment: Inspires knowledge, spirituality and a deep understanding of the self and the soul.
Compassion: Caring, loving, generous and giving, gold is the benefactor or patron.
Generosity: Gold loves to share its wisdom, knowledge and wealth with others.

The Color of Gold Represents…

Success: Gold relates to achievement and victory, it marks the winner.
Wealth: Gold also implies affluence, material wealth and extravagance (not a bad thing to have, wouldn’t you say?).
Prestige and Luxury: Gold is associated with sophistication, elegance, value, quality and status. Haven’t you seen the myriad of commercials using gold or a flair of gold when speaking to prestige and luxury?

golden backgrounds

Types of imagery and stock photography, based on the topic of Gold Backgrounds you can find above:

  • Stock Pictures / Pics
  • Royalty-free Vectors
  • Illustrations / Cartoons
  • Wallpapers / Backgrounds
  • Abstract Patterns
  • Isolated / Green Screens
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