Happy Birthday Bestie Images

Fun Ways to Celebrate Your Bestie’s Birthday

She’s been your most enthusiastic cheerleader for every big moment, and she’s been there with wine and ice cream for every breakup. Now it’s her day, and you want to say Happy Birthday in a big way. Gather your closest friends and pick out your favorite bestie images. It’s time to get the party started!

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Gather several pictures of your girl and all your besties. Have them printed in a collage format on card stock for personalized invitations to the celebration. Be sure to save one for the birthday girl. She’ll enjoy a reminder of all the fun you’ve had together.

Birthday Card

Make her know what she means to you: Tell her Happy Bday with a favorite picture of the two of you on the front of a card. On the inside, tell her what her friendship means to you. Add your fondest memory and sign with love.


Now is the time to really have some fun. Get a cute, fun or silly photo of the birthday honoree. Have them printed onto t-shirts for the whole gang and wear them out for a night on the town. No one will have to ask who’s celebrating.


Do you know how little girls have those Disney princess tiaras with the pictures in the middle? Why not make your bestie a birthday princess? Pick the perfect of the bestie images you have and get it put on plastic tiaras for everyone to wear on her special day.

Mardi Gras Beads

Everyone loves Mardi Gras beads. If you are going to be out celebrating, get some made with a medallion featuring the face of your best friend. Share them with interesting new friends or give out as party favors for unforgettable birthday. Mix up colors and images, and everyone will scramble to collect one of each.


Have a cake made featuring a special image of your bestie. Use a picture of your friend hugging someone and have the other person replaced with her favorite on-screen crush. Make sure to add Happy Birthday and provide candles. All your friends will want some pics of the cake before you cut it.

Faux Tattoos

Finally, for a fun surprise and cute party favors, make your best friend’s picture into a fake tattoo. Don’t tell her about it ahead of time. Let her see all the fun and surprising places you and her other friends put her image. It will be an unforgettable birthday.

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