There has always been a special attention placed on celebrities, people of power, and people of means. Nothing more true than for the royal families of kingdoms far and wide. Royal photography and the now motion pictures or videos, bring the layman into the fray to partake in a sliver of what we never get to experience first hand. While there aren’t many royal families, let alone royal figures in today’s society that rival the royals of the past, there are still a few – in particular the royal family of the United Kingdom and its commonwealth.

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The royalty that does still remain holds an air of fantasy, or regalia, one might even say, an unlikely sense of civility in a turbulent world. While the royal family is indeed human, their lives and the way they live them can only be compared to fairy tales for the rest of us – and this in some regards is the lore.

Celebrities certainly capture our imagination, give us a glimpse into the abundance and the decadent, however, royalty sits at the pinnacle of this peak of fantastic lives in our world. The royal photography we see tends to come from news or entertainment sources which follow the regimen and fanfare dictated by centuries of tradition, which forms the vision we tend to connect with living a royal life, one full of fanciful christenings, weddings, and highly-coveted events.

Since there aren’t many royal family members, photographing the royals is a bit more story-like, since the photographers and videographers that document their goings and comings, have more of an intimate knowledge and potentially a friendly relationship with them. It’s also quite common for this small world of the rich to cohort with other celebrities, making many people quite interested and perhaps even a bit jealous of their access.

Whether your an avid follower of the royal family and its members or not, they are a part of our imagination, curiosity and ways of thinking. That’s one reason why we thought it would be quite pertinent to show off some of the best moments through captured royal photography, which could help tell a story, designate a frame around a moment, or present history in the making.

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