Stock Images of Skull Backgrounds

Looking for the best skull backgrounds? Look no further, you have them all here! Different cultures have different meaning placed on skulls, and that can be on human or animal varieties. We also associate skulls at times with archaeology and fossils, but in common modern pop culture – its more of a sense of being a rebel and unique, as far as one’s individuality. On a computing device like desktop, laptop, tablet or cellphone – a properly designed skull background can look pretty cool and get you geared up to do “your thing” – whatever that may be.

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When you think of skulls you tend to have an association to death or mortality. They can also be a reminder of our mortality and time on earth, and are one of the most powerful symbols on the planet. Skulls can also indicate a love for goth style or dark fashion. Humans have an aptitude for seeing faces in certain patterns, and skulls can be both fascinating and repugnant simultaneously.

In Mexico, skulls are decorated in garish colors and patterns to commemorate the dead. The annual Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a festival paying homage to ancestors, the recently departed, and the fact that we all transcend our current forms and shouldn’t be forgotten.

The symbolic meaning behind a skull has evolved over the years and has recently morphed into a being considered a “cool” emblem tattooed on forearms, a design splashed across t-shirts, and an icon on many decorative items.

We all have to agree that having a skull as a background, is bad-ass. So take a look below and maybe go get one?

Types of imagery and stock photography, based on Skull Backgrounds you can find above:

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