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T-Rex Cartoon

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If you want to go big – really big! – consider adding a T Rex cartoon to your digital media. Dinosaurs appeal to people of all ages because of their ties to the following factors: fantasy, nostalgia and science. From the Flintstones’ Dino and Dilbert’s Bob the Dinosaur to Barney, dinosaurs hold sway over legions of fans. Our love for and fascination with dinosaurs translates especially well to online and digital media.

  1. Fantasy

Dinosaurs are especially alluring to kids. Some of this allure is due to the fact that they are huge and no longer around. Extinction is a fascinating concept, and kids warm to the idea that while they might dream of a dinosaur chasing them it’s not going to happen in real life. Further, popular culture has cultivated many dinosaur characters who befriend kids of all ages, becoming their partners in crime, protectors and confidants. Stick a dinosaur on your site and you’re sure to get approval from your younger demographic!

  1. Nostalgia

Kids are not the only demographic interested in dinosaurs. Prehistoric and advertising experts note that dinosaurs appeal to adults who experience nostalgia for their childhood years. Television shows, books and toys add to this nostalgia. While nobody can go back in time, nostalgia elicits warm emotions. In this way, dinosaurs bridge the generation gap and evoke fond memories, which provides advertisers with the scope to create messaging that appeals to consumers of all age groups.

  1. Science

Paleontology includes the study of fossils such as dinosaur bones. While dinosaurs no longer roam the earth, their remains in museums around the world are an eternal source of fascination and study. This scientific and historical aspect of dinosaurs makes them particularly well-suited to a wide range of advertising campaigns. Whether you sell real estate, provide landscaping services or work in health care, there are infinite ways to incorporate dinosaur cartoons into your online presence.

Find Your T-Rex Cartoon

If you’re ready to find the T Rex cartoon that suits your advertising needs, browse our extensive dinosaur cartoons inventory. Whether you’re looking for a friendly dinosaur cartoon to help visitors navigate your site or a ferocious T Rex cartoon that keeps burglars at bay, you’ll find it at Website Automatic. We curate a massive collection of stock images and photos of dinosaur cartoons, as well as the video and footage clips that can bring your site to life. Choose the cartoon that best fits your needs and get ready for a positive response!

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