In trying to determine the top lifestyle photographers, and which were offering freely available photographs of high quality, we came up with a scoring model that drives this article. We started with about 100 selections from Pexels, Pixabay, Unsplash and Stocksnap, dropping out list down to our favorite 24 and further eliminating based on arriving at our top 5.

The categories we reviewed to select these top lifestyle photographers from, consisted of: consistency, composition, diversity, quality/focus, cultural, significance, aesthetics, color, creativity and lighting. These photographers have the skill, eye, and are generous in offering their art for free use to all of us, making content far better. Without further ado we present the top lifestyle photographers that made our cut…

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#5 Taryn Elliott (Instagram)
The southernmost lifestyle photographer on our list, hails from Cape Town in South Africa, we can expect pictures full of color and life, the ever-present adventure. Taryn in addition to excellent photos, on land, air or underwater, she does an excellent job with video as well. Check out some of her pictures, from here Pexels profile:

#4 Foundry (Instagram)
The only photographer couple on our list. Whether it’s color photos or black and white, we can always count on impressive detail, fantastic colors and creativity. This fantastic couple, in addition to brilliant photographs, also own a luxury store that offers fine art and ephemeral vintage world-class. If you have a empty wall, they have a some amazing fine-art to fill that space. And of course, some of our favorite pictures from their profile:

#3 Mehmet Turgut Kirkgoz (Instagram)
The Turkish photographer on our list is amazing, with a careful eye on the simple details of everyday life, capturing the exact moment with the absolute brightest vibrant colors and contrast. Mehmet has the power to capture the exact expression at the exact moment in a person, in addition to the photos being fantastic, the photos make us think of the story that surrounds that moment and the specific person or subject… Mehmet, clearly being a “people” photographer, also shines with travel photos from around the world.

He captures unique moments of nature in its pure habitat and the daily life of the inhabitants. If our list were limited to color and moment, Mehmet would possibly be the winner. See the selection we’ve picked from his portfolio:

#2 Spencer Davis (Instagram)
As the runner-up lifestyle photographer on our list, Spencer is a powerhouse of beautiful visuals. The variety of subjects, and subdued styling around the moments he’s captured, are displayed in his publicly available portfolio. His body of work is both dynamic and professional. There is also a captured sense of playfulness that makes the images stick out. The stark elements of life portrayed in these images highlights how available these moments are to us – but often not captured and simplified for aesthetic enjoyment. 

The food images make you hungry, the objects make you want to jump right in, and the subjects are telling you a story without a single move. These images convey the grandiose landscape that makes life lived, while taking solitary moments we can all connect with – a parity of the complex word we live in, but from a youthful and fun place. Why not take a look at several of our picture selections from Spencer’s profile?

#1 Oleg Magni (Instagram)
Now we finally arrive at our choice for the number one lifestyle photographer. We love Oleg’s work and have ranked it in this edition. Oleg shows that not only is the eye of a photographer poignant, but also the variety of moments and places. Oleg also is quite talented in capturing amazing scenes and visuals with video too. Whether he displays his subjects in black and white or color, you can see the clarity and power behind the images he produces. Grabbing onto the moments that express what lifestyles convey – a way of being and way of being represented alike. 

With a generously robust profile, Oleg showers us with visuals that can be used in a multitude of ways and for multiple purposes. While the concept of lifestyle photography can bleed into other more commonly segmented areas like landscapes, wildlife, and architecture photography – the thing that makes this stick out in Oleg’s work, essentially comes from the relatability of the imagery he presents. Although it was hard to choose a small amount of photos, here are several images out of Oleg’s profile that stuck out the most to us:

Honorable Mention – Helena Lopes (Instagram)
Being Brazilian, this fact alone lets us know that she has joy and is full of life. Helena captures emotions, sensations, and particulars of the scene. Her photos transmit a moment through framing and composition – using warm colors to convey a sense of joy and comfort.

The use of light and contrast, with an ever present touch of nature, allows us to truly experience it. In all of Helena’s photos, whether with couples, children or animals, you can feel the emotion and feeling of the moment. Here is a selection from her profile:

Honorable Mention – Nastya Gepp (Instagram)
An honorable mention goes to Nastya Gepp, who truly has an amazing eye for lifestyle, fashion, and scenic portrayals. We know Nastya will be winning competitions, not only as a lifestyle photographer, but in a myriad of photographic categories. Her work clearly shows passion and skill and needed to be represented here, as a favorite in the category.

Nastya shows why she deserves to be recognized. Her photographs are high quality snapshots of moments depicting the themes and places, illustrating the variations of lifestyles we lead. The work portrays aesthetics that anyone would want to have, capturing and resembling a specific event or feeling. While Nastya’s photos definitely come off as more prepared and potentially “stocky”, the photos aren’t static or generic. The combination of clarity and beauty depicted in the photos sticks out as a gem of visual imagery. Nastya’s portfolio on Pixabay has been chosen by editors 44 times and includes ~750 total photos, as of this writing. Take a look at a few of our favorites from her profile for this category:

Honorable Mention – Johnathan Borba (Instagram)
An honorable mention goes to Johnathan Borba. He certainly kicks butt with his craft, showing off his unique blend of lifestyle and object photography. He also provides a unique palette of youthful scenes we can all reflect on in our lifetimes.

Johnathan’s generous offering of almost 1,100 photographs on Pexels, allows for a plethora of depictions surrounding lifestyle scenes and moments. Each of these images can be used in promotional, personal, or informative content. Each picture is carefully orchestrated to show vivid coloring and frozen moments in time, using his patented style of photography. The combination of modern minimalistic and the retro effects applied to the imagery – really adds an affinity we can appreciate. We chose a couple of his photographs from his Pexels portfolio we really enjoyed below:

Have someone you’d like to throw into the ring? Think you or a friend should be ranked and featured on WebIVM – let us know! Ultimately, we want to show the world the most amazing photographers and visual artists around. We’re especially fond of photographers offering freebies that can be downloaded and used by others. There is certainly a fandom that comes from having high quality and unique works offered to the general public, and we want to feature them 🙂

What did you think about the list? Feel free to drop us a line.

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