Street Parties, Samba Parades and Music

Enjoy all That and More at Rio Carnival 2020

The Carnival became a competing arena for Samba Schools in the mid 1900s. Street parades grew bigger and bigger… With the appearance of samba schools, which led to build a powerful arena for presentation, the Sambadromo!!!

The goal of the samba parade is to give samba schools the chance to demonstrate all their talents. They need to choose a Carnival theme and compose a song, which will beautifully reflect its meaning. The theme is mainly expressed through dance and music.

For the Rio Carnival, samba school members, accompanied by passionate samba dancers, in their fantastic and often provocative costumes, will allure everyone into joining the feasts.

They are joined by a number of choreographers, who have invested tremendous efforts in preparing costumes and floats.

Every school has eighty minutes to demonstrate their skills and convince the judges of their talents. Brazilian celebrities come to support their favorite samba schools and the locals and tourist come to witness this unique and spectacular event, also defined as ‘the biggest party on the planet.’ All the Samba Schools compete for the elusive Championship title and their fate lies in the hands of 40 judges who grant points based on element such as costumes, samba song and theme.

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