If we asked you how fast you think us humans process visuals over plain text, how would you answer?

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A. 50 times faster

B. 100 times faster

C. 1,000 times faster

If you answered any of the above, then let us tell you that the given choices don’t even come close! That’s because our brains process imagery 60,000 times faster than it does simple text.

This alone should tell you how important photos are when it comes to your online content. It should also make you realize the value a stock photographer can bring to your business.

But how exactly can such a photographer benefit your brand? What is stock photography in the first place?

Don’t worry, we’ll answer all these and more for you. So, keep reading to learn more about the benefits of this type of visual medium!

1. The Quickest Way to Professional-Looking Photos

To understand how stock images can help you bring your branding efforts to a whole new level, let’s go through the basics first. So, what are stock photos?

These are electronic photographs intended for professional or creative purposes. They offer faster access to pro-like images since you can purchase them online rather than hiring a professional photographer.

That means you won’t have to go through the long pre-employment process. You only need to check the available images from the website of the stock photographer. Once you’ve found the right images, you can purchase it for either a one-time or repeated, royalty-free use.

2. Hundred-Dollar Photos for Less

Let’s say your business deals with water sports, such as a sports apparel store. Of course, you’d want in- or under-the-water imagery.

Unless you have the right equipment and tools (and of course, swim), you have to rely on others’ skills to get the images you want. Hiring a professional underwater photographer can set you back several hundred dollars.

Thank goodness for stock photography, then! With this, there’s no need to deal a huge damage to your business’ marketing finances, since they only run about $1 to $15 per image.

3. You Name It, Stock Photos Have It

Stock photo agencies boast of thousands of images you can select from. From website backgrounds to stills of the autumn season, you’ll find everything to your heart’s (or business’) desire. There’s nowhere else you’ll find an extensive a selection as this!

4. Categorized for Ease of Photo Hunting

If you’re on Facebook, like the 68% of adults in the United States who are, you most likely upload photos to it. If so, then you also may have experienced the frustration of going all through those photos in search of a specific one.

This said, the first thing that most likely came to mind when you read “thousands of images” was, “How would I find what I need in such a gigantic selection?”

Don’t worry. Large as its database is, a reputable stock photo agency uses a sophisticated search engine. This program makes finding the image you’re looking for a cinch. You may find them categorized by location, subject, even color!

5. Licensed to Shoot (Sorry)

Each stock photography project comes with varying licensing requirements. A good stock photo agency gives you access to different licensing options, such as royalty-free or extended licenses. There’s also the rights managed type of images.

The licensing type you should get depends on your budget and needs. Some images are good for one-time use, while others you can use multiple times.

6. No Need to Become a Photographer

To produce high-quality photos, one needs photographic skills. Which is why a lot of people spend money on hiring photographers, setting up photo shoots, and completing post-processing. Even if you don’t hire a photographer, you still need time, money, and effort to curate top-notch photos.

But even after all these, you may only end up with a few good and usable images.

Stock photos take all these hassles out. You only need to choose what you need (keep in mind there are a minimum number of photos you can buy). Pay for it after selecting, and you can download them right away.

7. Customize and Personalize

A great thing about stock photos is that you can customize them based on your preference and needs. This then lets you come up with non-generic images better suited to your project.

8. Quality Assured

Although stock photos don’t require you to hire a professional photographer, you can rest assure the images came from the creativity of one.

That’s right.

The best stock images out there result from the skills and craft of pros. What’s more, you can get them in different sizes, which means they look amazing whether viewed from a computer or a smartphone.

9. Make Your Online Content More Memorable

Put together benefits 1 to 8, and you can boost your online content marketing efforts. Aside from the fact that the human brain processes images faster than text, it also recalls visual info better.

Here’s something to put things in perspective:

The likelihood of retaining information heard or read about from three days ago is only 10%. Add a relevant visual aid (such as a stock photo) to this, and people can remember as much as 65% of what they heard or read.

10. Branding for Your Business Done Right

Stock photo agencies don’t only offer stills. They also have an extensive selection of stock videos and other creative shots for you to take advantage of.

All these can help you improve the results of your marketing efforts. Like how adding visuals to your content can bring your user view rate up by 94%!

Use a Stock Photographer Now to Market Yourself or Brand Better

So, what are you waiting for? Work with a stock photographer for your website and online branding campaigns now before someone else takes the perfect images from you!

To find out how you can locate and choose the best stock images for your next project, make sure you check out this post.

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