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“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page”. – Saint Augustine

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When you’re stuck inside your house or in a office all day, it’s easy to forget how breathtaking the world really is. The world is here for us while were living, and it provides to us the hearth and wonder that may just be impossible to fit into one lifetime. It could also explain why world photos propel people to travel, to explore their own countries, or to plot adventurous itineraries – to feel alive and free. Just pick up your camera and explore all the beautiful scenarios around you, be they in your back yard, or a couple of continents away.

Our planet is far more impressive than we could imagine and there are a lot of beautiful pictures to prove it. The planet we reside on has the power to continually shift and build landscapes that amaze us, despite having been in a place before, or even after seeing an area a few times. One of the the best ways to diversify your photography portfolio, is with travel photography, and there in fact, is no place like this (our world).

When it comes to the most beautiful scenery on the planet, nothing beats our world, reminding us of the beautiful places we can visit now, thanks to technology like planes. From giant glaciers, staggering mountains and plains dotted with wild animals – to the most spectacular and amazing beaches, planet Earth has everything we could ask for. Clearly one of the most interesting viewpoints in which to take in this planet, is in space. From space, the views are even more breathtaking – a green, blue, white and brown marble holding in it billions of people and trillions of animals. some of the most interesting world photos really come from slightly outside of the earth – up in space by the astronauts and satellites put up there to serve our ever growing populations and their subsequent technology needs.

As you can see below, we have some of the most awesome photos of places in our beautiful world through a sampling of the amazing places you must see here, on earth.

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